Counter Strike (Bowling Alley in CCC)

Counter Strike is one of the two main bowling alleys located at the heart of Colombo. This is a small bowling at located at the Colombo City Center mall on the top floor which is the same floor as the cinema hall.

  • The cost per person is LKR 1,200/=
  • Each person get 20 strikes (which is around 10 minutes for single player, it will be more than that for more than one player playing in one lane)
  • Difference sizes of balls available, ranging from small to large which will categorized according to the weight of the ball.
  • The location consist total of 8 lanes, 4 lanes at first floor which is the same floor as the pay counter and 4 lanes in the second floor.

Note: You will have to remove shoes before entering the bowling alley. They have a person on the bowling alley to assist you if you have no knowledge in bowling. In addition, during rush hours or days you will have to wait more than 30 mins minimum after payments, they will advice you about the times and they will call you once it is available. Mean time you can roam around until they give you a call.

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